5 things to remember when applying at the NWU

Campus Guru1I’m the CampusGuru and very pleased to encourage you to apply at the NWU.  Grade 12 is normally the time when you have to take life-changing decisions that can influence your future for ever.  Some decide to take a gap year and go overseas.  Others decide to enter the labour market and try to secure a job or become an entrepreneur.  Another option is to apply for admission to an institution of Higher learning and register for a degree or diploma course.  This can be a daunting task as you do not always know where to start.  The NWU Potch Campus, NWU Mafikeng Campus and the NWU Vaal campus are all part of the North-West University (NWU).  In this post I will give some pointers to bear in mind that will make life easier when applying for admission to the NWU.

1# Visit our website
As the saying goes, begin at the beginning and what better way is there to start at the University website.  Thanks to Google you will find the NWU quite easily or you can go directly to our website at www.nwu.ac.za  and click on study at the NWU. Here you will get all the information you will need about studying at one of our three campuses such as admission requirements, application forms, accommodation and bursary information.

2# Admission requirements
As for anything you are applying for, there are certain requirements you will need to meet.  The admission requirements are a pdf document which you can download and which you will need when completing the application form.  It is important to check whether you qualify for your programme of choice by calculating your Admission Points Score (APS), and checking the faculty-specific requirements for example whether there are additional subject requirements with which you must comply.

3# Complete application form
There are two ways for applying for admission.  The most convenient way is to apply online at our website.  Here you will be required to create a pin for yourself.  It is important to remember this pin as you will use it whenever you want to log into the system.  You can also complete the application form manually by downloading the pdf from the web or obtain a form from the admissions office, your school or at a career exhibition.

4# Submit application
Before submitting your application it is important to read the checklist and include all required documentation as indicated on the form. Your application will not be processed if you do not fill in all required information or fail to include required documentation. We request your Grade 11 or final Grade 12 results (if available), a certified copy of your ID and R150 proof of payment.  The bank details are provided on the form.

Completed applications may be submitted by post, (recommended): fax, email or by hand.  Again all the information, contact details and email addresses are provided on the form.  After having submitted your application you will be notified within a few weeks that your application has been received and processed.  Congratulations, you have successfully applied.  Bear in mind, however, that you are only provisionally accepted and final admission depends on the outcome of your grade 12 results in January.

5# Follow us on social media
Curious about what is happening at the NWU?  Like our Facebook pages dedicated to next year’s first year intake or follow us on twitter and instagram. It is a great way of engaging with us and getting all the latest information and activities at the NWU.

I hope you find this post helpful.  Let me know by leaving a comment or send an email to blogcampusguru@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “5 things to remember when applying at the NWU

  1. owk i read all this n i got it. i read where dey sy if u apply n u submit ur application u will b notified that ur application has been successful. But i dd n i never got any notification.
    why is that if i may ask,does it min my application wasn’t successful?


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