Things you should know about your application status

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Completing the application form whether online or manually is the easy part when you apply for admission at a university.  It is the uncertainty while waiting for the capturing process to be completed that can occasionally cause a lot of stress.  To help relieve some of these uncertainties, I have dotted down some useful pointers about the processing of your application at the NWU.  So here goes.

Processing of application form
Once we receive your application form and it is safely captured on the system, an SMS will be sent to you confirming that it has been received.  You will also receive your student number which should be quoted in all future correspondence.  Dot it down or save it on your phone so you can easily retrieve it.  You will also be notified of outstanding documents in relation to your application.  Very important: the allocation of a student number does NOT imply admission to the University.

Outcomes of application
You can expect four outcomes in relation to your application:

  • Firstly, applicants who are already in possession of a National Senior Certificate (NSC) can expect final admission if adhering to all the requirements.
  • Secondly, applicants who still have to write the NSC (those currently in grade 12) or where the programme is a selection programme will receive provisional selection or acceptance. Certain programmes are selection programmes. For example, there are more qualifying applicants than there are available places e.g. Bachelor of Nursing Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Education, for instance Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology).  It should be carefully noted that provisional admission is not a final admission but is dependent on the final results of the National Senior Certificate (or equivalent) or a selection process in selection programmes;
  • Thirdly, applicants may be put on a waiting list.
  • Fourthly, applicants may be rejected.

 Final admission
Concerning all applicants, especially those in grade 12, who still have to complete their National Senior Certificate (or equivalent), final selection can only take place in January 2017, after the results have been released by the Department of Education and Training.  Once the results have been processed, you will be notified by SMS that you are fully admitted and may come and register.

Hope this post has given you some insight into the application process.  If you enjoyed the post assistance, spread the word by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.  Alternatively you are welcome to leave a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

130 thoughts on “Things you should know about your application status

  1. i have received an Email from keshni scholtz says ” your application cannot be complete as i have not received the required documents to complete and process your application” am confused bcz i have submited all the Document . please check for me student number ;28858700 Prince Rambau.


  2. hi im confused my application status wrote modify application select win, and before it was not written like that so im very much confused please help me understand


  3. Réf 28763033 Good evening admin I’m really confused with my admission because is conditionally while I have already matriculated how pls try to explain.


  4. I made a HUGE mistake,when I applied I used a wrong cell number,that is why I dont know where I stand.How do I change them.Please help?


  5. What if I’m not accepted in my first choice then what will to my second and third choice will it be considerd or is it the end of my application


  6. Hello i’ve been unconditionally admitted just wanted to know what it means and it’s on my third choice what about my first and second choices


  7. Hello there I am Pale Rudolph (9905235070084)have applied to your university ( Mafikeng campus ) on the second ( 02 of August 2016) ,but even today I haven’t received anything from the university. So can you please check me on your database.


  8. I was conditionally accepted yet didn’t receive an acceptance letter which I intend to use for bursary application , How can I excess it?


  9. Hi admin!…i received an email stating that my application has been received but i didn’t get any feedback of whether i’m accepted or not….when i check my application it states that”is cond admitted”….am i accepted?


  10. Hi admin!…i received an email stating that my application has been received but i didn’t get any feedback of whether i’m accepted or not….when i check my application status it states that”is cond admitted”….am i accepted?


  11. hi I’m Retsepile, I applied online and was given a student number right away, I haven’t received an admission letter in my mail box yet. Must I expect a rejection?


  12. i have applied to the NWU Mafikebg Campus sometime in August but have not received a student number up to now mo even the provisional acceptance letter buh i did receive an sms indicating that my residence application was i dont know what to do in terms of sending my results through without a student…please help


  13. i did apply to the NWU Mafikeng Campus sometime in August buh have never received a student number or provisional acceptance letter or anything that states whether i’v been rejected i only received an sma about my failed residence application…im in the dark please help


  14. I also got an SMS from NWU saying I’ve been admitted and that I must collect my admission letter. So what do I do now?please assist!


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