3 Important closing dates for admission to the NWU


When applying for a job at a big company or, like for instance applying for admission to a university, there is a closing date for handing in your application.  This is to allow enough time to complete all administration procedures and to manage the enrollment figure of first year students to prevent having the so called “walk inns” during the registration period in January.  Institutions are very strict in enforcing the set closing dates for admissions and one needs to be wary of it in order not to miss out.

The North-West University has three closing dates that prospective first year students must be aware of.  The reason for having different dates is because certain programmes are more popular than others.  So take note of these dates and get that application in on time to prevent any disappointment.

30 June 2016                       Social Work (already closed)
29 July 2016                        Bachelor of Nursing Science
Bachelor of Law (LLB)
Bachelor of Education
30 September 2016          All other undergraduate academic applications for 2017

Need more information on admission requirements?  Check out our website at www.nwu.ac.za and click on study at the NWU or leave a comment if this post was helpful.

13 thoughts on “3 Important closing dates for admission to the NWU

  1. When are the Bachelor of education (topup/upgrade) applictions coming? I am interested in pursibg the programme but specialising in teaching busines studies..


  2. is it possible for someone currently doing their level 4 at an FET college to apply for sport science since it’s a diploma?


  3. Hi , i’d like to know how do i recover a forgotten student number ? I applied a while back online and would like to apply again but i have since forgotten my student number

    Thanks in advance


  4. I applied online for bacher of laws on the 30th of July do i stand a chance since i missed the deadline which was on the 29th July?


  5. I am not getting helped I only received a message saying I’m accepted and I still don’t have student number and I’m not able to create a new one I really need ur help


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