Must-read facts about your admission to the NWU


Your application form is completed, the required documentation is attached, you have paid the R150 application fee and your application to the NWU has been submitted. After a week or so you receive an sms that you are provisionally accepted. Full of excitement you share with a friend only to find that he was fully accepted. Confusing isn’t it? In this post I will try to explain the difference between provisionally and fully accepted.

Provisionally accepted
Provisional selection takes place where applicants still have to write their National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent examination or where the programme is a selection programme. A selection programme is when there are more qualifying applicants than available places for example Bachelor of Nursing Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Laws or Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology). You will be notified if you have to write a selection test. Provisional admission is not a final admission, but is dependent on the final results of the National Senior Certificate (or equivalent) or a selection process in selection programmes.

To put it in simple terms, for applicants who still have to complete their National Senior Certificate (or equivalent), final selection can only take place during January 2017, ten days after the NSC results have been released by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Fully accepted
Those applicants who have already completed their National Senior Certificate and who comply with the admission requirements can already be fully accepted. They passed grade 12 and are in possession of the National Senior Certificate. Lucky for them!

I hope you’ve got the picture. If you need more information about studying at the NWU visit our website at or leave a comment. By following this blog you will also receive interesting and helpful information about your studies for next year. It all starts here at the NWU!

39 thoughts on “Must-read facts about your admission to the NWU

  1. i applied and im planning to study psychology and i dont know much about it because i was planning to study social work but because of my ap score i couldnt so i just wanted to ask can i study psychology for a year and than take it over to social work


    • Hi Kagiso. You will have to discuss it with the school director after your first year as there is also a selection test that you will need to write for social work


  2. I received an sms,how do I check my final admission.already completed my matric please help when I call its attitude I get!!


  3. I applied, and only received an sms that my application has been received.
    two weeks have passed already, and I haven’t received a response regarding wether my application is accepted or not… The waiting is killing me.


  4. hi i have applied online and im not sure which email address i should use to send all required documents like proof of payment results


  5. Hey. Since i applied about two weeks ago and i haven’t got any sms to know if my application is received or not. is it probably because my application is declined?


  6. I applied online and I haven’t received any comfirmation sms that my application was received,its about three months now what could it be.


  7. Hello. I would like to ask if there is an online application for residence. If not how could I obtain the application forms


  8. Sir.

    This blog says I’m unconditionally accepted,but the problem is that I have’nt received an SMS or Email to show that I am indeed accepted and on top of I have to apply for a bursaries and they want proof of acceptence,Please send me a letter to show that I’m accepted.


  9. Ey, Guru, I’m Stermmond. I applied for 2016 enrolment in 2015. And I did not attend/enroll this year, thus I re-applied for next years(2017) enrollment. So I’d like to know how’s my status. Here is my Student Number 27417239. When I check online it says Unconditionally Accepted, But I fear it might be my Last Years Reply. Please check for me. Please…


  10. Can you kindly check my application status my student number is 28519019.. And please explain.what it means to be conditionally accepted.. I don’t understand..


  11. Greeting i would like to ask if you still on the waiting list whats goina happen cause i have long applied but the was no responce


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