I am accepted for university. What now?

AdmissionsYou have been informed that your application to university has been received and that you are unconditionally or conditionally accepted.  Conditionally accepted normally means that you still have to write your final exams or a selection test, depending on the programme you applied for.  Unconditionally accepted refers to the fact that you are already in possession of a NSC certificate and have met all the application requirements.  Whatever way you are accepted, what now?  In this communication I will try to give some indicators that must be finalized when you come to register in January.  Pass your matric
Of course the most important thing for those in grade 12 is to make sure that you pass well in your final exam.  You will have to study hard for the next four months and get a good mark to secure your placement.

Apply for a bursary or a loan
This is something that is mostly neglected until it is too late.  If not self-paying, you must decide how your studies will be financed, and make arrangements in advance. A registration fee is also payable before final registration can take place.  The responsibility is solely yours to secure funds for your studies.  Go on the internet and research different organizations and foundations such as Eduloan and the various banking institutions.

Secure accommodation
Another aspect which can become an enormous headache is accommodation.  Make sure you have applied for residence by ticking the appropriate block in the application form.  However, bear in mind that only a certain number of places are available for first years.  So, have a plan B in case residence is full.  More information is available on our website: www.nwu.ac.za.

Ensure your contact details are up to date
By the end of the year, and especially after your final results have been uploaded by the Department of Education and Training you will receive sms’ and emails regarding the parents meeting and registration dates.  It is thus vital for your contact details to be up to date at the admissions department.

By ensuring that you come prepared and have everything in place will simply make your first-year experience much easier.  You will be able to register and start your studies on time without any hiccups.  Remember to visit our website for any information you may need.

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