I have lost my pin!!


The admission offices at the three Campuses of the NWU receive a lot of inquiries from prospective students who have lost their pin codes. This is especially true for those prospective students who have applied online in the previous year and then could not register for some or other reason. When reapplying a message is received that the identity number already exists. In most cases, if not all, the applicant has lost or forgot his or her pin code. What to do now?
Before you hit a state of depression, there is hope. The system currently does not provide for an option to recover your pin. To recover your pin simply phone or email the admission office at the respective campus and provide them with your date of birth, name and surname. As easy as that. Here are the contact details:

Mafikeng Campus
Keshni Scholtz
Tel: 018 389 2272

Vaal Campus
Lunga Myeni
Tel: 016 910 3119

Potchefstroom Campus
Yvonne Jacobs
Tel: 018 299 4130

If you have lost your student number, the same procedure will apply. Keep that pin somewhere safe or save it on your cell phone as you will need it to log into the site to check on your application status or exam results in future. Visit our website http://www.nwu.ac.za of facebook pages to get updates and to engage with us.

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