6 Things you should know about the Missing Middle fee adjustment grant

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This time of the year universities all over the country are preparing for the 2017 student intake.  Congratulations to all first time entering students who have been fully accepted to the North-West University.  The financial implications of studies will also become a reality when registration starts and you have to take responsibility for the payment of fees.  The department of Higher Education and Training has introduced a fee adjustment grant for the missing middle students. Here are 6 things you should know about the fee adjustment grant.

About the grant

Government will pay the fee increase capped at 8% for all qualifying registered students with a gross combined family income up to R600 000 per annum in 2017. What is great is that this is a grant and will not have to be repaid by qualifying students. The grant will only cover the 8% increase on tuition fees and accommodation provided by universities.  As in the past, all students are required to pay registration and minimum payable fees upon registration (see table below).

fees-payableWho qualifies?

Firstly, only South African citizens and citizens with permanent South African residence permits, studying towards an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in 2017.

Secondly, the applicant and direct family (mother, father, spouse or legal guardians) who have a GROSS combined family income of R600 000 or less per annum before tax deductions.

Who qualifies, but does not have to apply for the grant?

The following students will not have to apply for the grant, as they will automatically be considered:

  • Applicants who applied for NSFAS funding.
  • All students who attended Quintile 1, 2 and 3 schools in Grade 12.

Who do not qualify and can’t apply for the grant

Students who are recipients of bursaries and scholarships that cover their tuition and accommodation fees can’t apply for the grant, as their bursaries or scholarships have to cover the full percentage fee adjustment.  All other students will have to apply for the fee adjustment grant.

How does one apply?

  • All applications will have to be submitted on the relevant application form obtainable from the NWU website (click here) or at the financial support offices on the respective campuses.  Applications have already opened, and the closing date is 28 February 2017 for the first semester and 30 August 2017 for students who have to register for the second semester.
  • Applications can be electronically submitted to the following email addresses:

Mafikeng Campus: mcmissingmiddle@nwu.ac.za / Potchefstroom Campus: pcmissingmiddle@nwu.ac.za / Vaal Triangle Campus: vcmissingmiddle@nwu.ac.za

  • The grant will reflect on the student account once the student has been verified as a qualifying grant recipient. The outcome of the application will be known within the first quarter of 2017.
  • All applications mustinclude certified copies of IDs of the parents/spouses and/or legal guardians, as well as the student. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Parents, spouses and legal guardians will be requested to acknowledge that they understand that personal information will be requested and provided to third parties who will assist the university with verifying income and that their signature to the application constitutes express written consent.
  • All parties (father/mother/spouse/legal guardians/student) must complete and sign the application.
  • Students whose applications are unsuccessful may appeal within 14 days of the outcome of the decision by completing an appeal form that will be available on the university’s website.

Student debt

  • The financial sustainability of universities is at risk if students do not pay their fees and outstanding debt. As in the past, all students are required to pay registration and minimum payable fees upon registration. Only NSFAS-approved students and students funded by other approved sponsors are exempted from these payments. Documented proof will have to be submitted.
  • Academically deserving students who are struggling to pay their registration fees and/or outstanding debt must engage with the university’s Finance Office to agree upon a repayment plan. During the registration process assistance will be available on campuses.

I hope you have find this post helpful.  For more information you may direct your inquiries to:

Mafikeng Campus: 018 389 2330 / 2372
Potchefstroom Campus
: 018 299 2052 / 2046 / 2045
Vaal Triangle Campus:
016 910 3157


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