6 Things you should know about the Missing Middle fee adjustment grant

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This time of the year universities all over the country are preparing for the 2017 student intake.  Congratulations to all first time entering students who have been fully accepted to the North-West University.  The financial implications of studies will also become a reality when registration starts and you have to take responsibility for the payment of fees.  The department of Higher Education and Training has introduced a fee adjustment grant for the missing middle students. Here are 6 things you should know about the fee adjustment grant.

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I have lost my pin!!


The admission offices at the three Campuses of the NWU receive a lot of inquiries from prospective students who have lost their pin codes. This is especially true for those prospective students who have applied online in the previous year and then could not register for some or other reason. When reapplying a message is received that the identity number already exists. In most cases, if not all, the applicant has lost or forgot his or her pin code. What to do now? Continue reading

10 Tips on how to prepare for the Exams

Exam tipsIf you are in grade 12 your school career is more or less something of the past.  Very soon you will start with the mock exams and after a short break the final exams will commence which is your passport to a new beginning.  Something you have been looking forward to for the past 12 years.  So it is very important that you don’t trip over the last hurdle.  In this post I am giving you 10 tips on how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for these all important exams.  Continue reading

I am accepted for university. What now?

AdmissionsYou have been informed that your application to university has been received and that you are unconditionally or conditionally accepted.  Conditionally accepted normally means that you still have to write your final exams or a selection test, depending on the programme you applied for.  Unconditionally accepted refers to the fact that you are already in possession of a NSC certificate and have met all the application requirements.  Whatever way you are accepted, what now?  In this communication I will try to give some indicators that must be finalized when you come to register in January.  Continue reading

3 Important closing dates for admission to the NWU


When applying for a job at a big company or, like for instance applying for admission to a university, there is a closing date for handing in your application.  This is to allow enough time to complete all administration procedures and to manage the enrollment figure of first year students to prevent having the so called “walk inns” during the registration period in January.  Institutions are very strict in enforcing the set closing dates for admissions and one needs to be wary of it in order not to miss out. Continue reading

5 Easy steps on how to apply online at the NWU


As with most things in live these days, you can also apply for admission to the North-West University online. Simply go to our website at www.nwu.ac.za or click on the following link: http://www.nwu.ac.za/applications. I also suggest that you first go through the admission requirements before completing the application. Follow these five easy steps to get that important application in. Continue reading

5 things to remember when applying at the NWU

Campus Guru1I’m the CampusGuru and very pleased to encourage you to apply at the NWU.  Grade 12 is normally the time when you have to take life-changing decisions that can influence your future for ever.  Some decide to take a gap year and go overseas.  Others decide to enter the labour market and try to secure a job or become an entrepreneur.  Another option is to apply for admission to an institution of Higher learning and register for a degree or diploma course.  This can be a daunting task as you do not always know where to start.  Continue reading

Things you should know about your application status

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Completing the application form whether online or manually is the easy part when you apply for admission at a university.  It is the uncertainty while waiting for the capturing process to be completed that can occasionally cause a lot of stress.  To help relieve some of these uncertainties, I have dotted down some useful pointers about the processing of your application at the NWU.  So here goes. Continue reading