5 Easy steps on how to apply online at the NWU


As with most things in live these days, you can also apply for admission to the North-West University online. Simply go to our website at www.nwu.ac.za or click on the following link: http://www.nwu.ac.za/applications. I also suggest that you first go through the admission requirements before completing the application. Follow these five easy steps to get that important application in. Continue reading

5 things to remember when applying at the NWU

Campus Guru1I’m the CampusGuru and very pleased to encourage you to apply at the NWU.  Grade 12 is normally the time when you have to take life-changing decisions that can influence your future for ever.  Some decide to take a gap year and go overseas.  Others decide to enter the labour market and try to secure a job or become an entrepreneur.  Another option is to apply for admission to an institution of Higher learning and register for a degree or diploma course.  This can be a daunting task as you do not always know where to start.  Continue reading

Things you should know about your application status

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Completing the application form whether online or manually is the easy part when you apply for admission at a university.  It is the uncertainty while waiting for the capturing process to be completed that can occasionally cause a lot of stress.  To help relieve some of these uncertainties, I have dotted down some useful pointers about the processing of your application at the NWU.  So here goes. Continue reading